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ProPlenish Marine Collagen



Collagen is the most frequently occurring protein in the human body, and is vital for maintaining skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones.

Unfortunately, our bodies’ natural collagen production slows in our mid-twenties, dwindles in our thirties, and by our fifties and sixties, has disappeared altogether. Combined with harsh environments, poor diet and toxins, the result is what we know as ageing: fine lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, brittle nails and loss of muscle tone.

But as science shows, the process is far from inevitable. By proactively replenishing lost collagen with Mother Nature’s pure marine collagen, you can restore your body’s collagen levels, re-activate natural collagen production, and minimise further collagen breakdown in the future.

For Scientific Research and results on the use of marine collagen in the daily diet please see here.



+ Strengthen hair at the root
+ Restore collagen in the hair follicle
+ Aid hair growth
+ Increase thickness
+ Add texture and body


+ Rejuvenate, support and strengthen skin
+ Aid in skin elasticity to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
+ Tighten and even out skin tone
+ Increase skin’s ability to retain moisture for overall hydration, plumpness & resilience
+ Help reduce the effects of sun damage on the skin
+ Help prevent and reduce appearance of stretch marks


+ Improve and strengthen weak nails
+ Promote accelerated growth
+ Nourish for less splitting
+ Assist the repair of damage caused by false nails
+ Aid flaking nails


+ Assist with lean muscle gain and tone
+ Training and exercise recovery
+ Joint integrity
+ Bone strength and flexibility
+ Weight loss and management

(30 X 3.6G SACHETS)

ProPlenish Original (flavourless) sachets contain our premium 100% pure marine collagen. Convenient 3.6g stick sachets means you can take them wherever you go, to restore your body with the nutrients it needs for a glowing complexion and a younger looking you. Tasteless and odourless this powder product blends easily and clear into hot or cold drinks and food.